IMG_0627.jpgMeet Brianna and Jared Lee

Brianna was born and raised exploring the lakes of Minnesota. Jared is a North Dakota native. We met at a Bible Camp and then decided we’d better get married. For now, we’ve settled down in the little city of Minneapolis.

I, Brianna, am an art teacher by day, and an artist by night. Jared, my husband, is a therapist. Recently we have taken notice and been convicted of how we use our resources and what we choose to support as a family.

Her Life Handmade was created in response to the ever-growing culture of instant, throw away, and one time use. Somewhere along the way we forgot the beauty in the handmade, homemade, and individually  created.

My heart for this blog is to encourage you. We aren’t perfect, and we never will be. These are my thoughts, actions, and experiences as our family moves away from a throw-away and instant society and into the realm individually created.